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Sep - Dec 2020


In a year when we could all use some inspiration, motivation and hope, we’re giving you the opportunity to embrace sport for social change on a deeper level.

From September through December, across Beyond Sport’s platforms, we’re taking you on a journey around the world to uncover exactly how the 16 amazing organizations who make up the 2020 Beyond Sport Global Awards Shortlist are using sport with intention in pursuit of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) -- all in the lead up to the exciting Winner Reveal on December 15.  

Immerse yourself in their work - in video, picture and words - and then expand their reach by sharing with your networks in celebration of the human spirit and determination to create a better world for all. And, in November learn more about the winners of Collective Impact on Gender and Racial Equality and the Courageous Use of Sport awards.



1. Follow us on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and sign up for our mailing list for the stories on heroes using sport to make a difference in communities around the world, which will be gradually released across the three months.

2. Each week we'll release the inspiring stories of the shortlisters in each category and information on the SDGs they are working to achieve across our platforms. View our campaign schedule below and mark your calendars so you don’t miss out.
Bookmark this page for easy access to the links for all the content.  

3. Starting September 15, learn and hear from the shortlisters on Beyond Sport's IGTV and YouTube channels through ongoing campaign videos.

4. Register to join us for three-part Beyond Sport House from Home series - taking place across October and November - where we’ll dig deeper into issues across the campaign.

5. Most importantly - please amplify the experiences and impact of these amazing organizations and individuals who are leveraging sport for people and planet. 



Some descriptionWHY GOAL 10 MATTERS

-YouTube: Introducing the Sport for Reduced Inequalities Shortlist

-IGTV Series:

Interview with Oleksander Fomichov, League of Tolerance (Ukraine, Italy, Spain)

Interview with Robert Malengreau and Dom Waldouck, UMRio, (Brazil and UK)

Interview with Enouce Ndeche, Vijana Amani Pamoja (Kenya) 

Interview with Vicheka Chourp, Indochina Starfish Foundation (Cambodia) 


League of Tolerance: A Diverse Group of Football Coaches Bringing Together a Fractured Ukraine

UMRio: Reducing Inequality for Brazilian Youth Through Rugby

Vijana Amani Pamoja: Using Football to Secure the Futures of Marginalised Pregnant Girls in Kenya

Indochina Starfish Foundation: Ensuring that Young Cambodians of All Abilities Gave an Equal Chance

Past Beyond Sport Global Award Winners and Shortlisters give words of wisdom to this year’s Sport for Reduced Inequalities Shortlist 


Punna's Story (ISF) via Common Goals (video:

Meet Caio (UMRio) 

Catching up with VAP 

Meet Nastya (League of Tolerance)

 -Winner Reveal:

Announcement by NBA Global Ambassador & Humanitarian, Dikembe Mutombo

Reaction from Enouce Ndeche, Founder & Director of VAP  


Some descriptionWHY GOAL 3 MATTERS

-YouTube: Introducing the Sport for Health & Well-Being Shortlist

-IGTV Series:

Interview with Nora Dooley, Coaches Across Continents (Tanzania, Zanzibar)

Interview with Nichol Whiteman, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (United States)

Interview with Kris Primacio, International Surf Therapy Organization (Worldwide)

Interview with Beat Baggenstos, ClimbAid (Lebanon) 


Coaches Across Continents and Pathfinder International: A Coalition of Partners Working to Promote Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Young Women in Tanzania

Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation: Leveraging Baseball and Softball to Support Young Angelenos

International Surf Therapy Organization: Exploring Surf Therapy as a global and life-changing practice

ClimbAid: How climbing is supporting the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of refugee youth in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley

Past Beyond Sport Global Award Winners words of wisdom for this year’s Sport for Good Health & Well-Being Shortlist


Meet Yahya (ClimbAid)

Meet Nick (ISTO)

Meet Estahappy (Coaches Across Continents/Pathfinder International)

Meet Diamond (Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation)

 -Winner Reveal:

Announcement from Award-Winning Professional Athlete & Social Change Advocate, Aritz Aranburu

Reaction from Kris Primacio, Co-Founder & CEO of ISTO


Some descriptionWHY GOAL 8 MATTERS

- Youtube: Introducing the Sport for Decent Work & Economic Growth Shortlist


Interview with Ivan Torres, Interculturalidad, Salud y Derechos A.C.(Mexico) 

Interview with Julie (Majale) Auma, Africa Yoga Project (multiple countries)

Interview with Ian Heininger & Tracy Williams, Charity Bounce (Australia)

Interview with Kim Lopez, FundLife Girls Got This (Philippines) 


Interculturalidad, Salud y Derechos A.C.: Working with incarcerated people in Mexico to build successful and productive lives 

Africa Yoga Project: From a marginalised young person to a wellbeing professional, the life cycle of an AYP teacher is the secret ingredient to AYP’s success 

FundLife/Girls Got This: Supporting education and employment through sport to open children’s eyes to the bigger possibilities in life in the Philippines

Charity Bounce: How an Australian-based organization is inspiring positive change, employment, leadership and health through basketball programs

Past Beyond Sport Global Award Winners and Shortlisters share words of wisdom and encouragement with this year’s Sport for Decent Work & Economic Growth Shortlist 


Meet Coach Patty (FundLife/Girls Got This)

Meet Catherine and Walter (Africa Yoga Project) 

Meet Jenni (Charity Bounce)

Meet Pamela (Interculturalidad, Salud y Derechos A. C.)

 -Winner Reveal:

Announcement by AFL Champion & Indigenous Team of the Century Member, Chris Johnson 

Reaction from Ian Heininger, CEO of Charity Bounce 


Some description WHY GOAL 16 MATTERS

- Youtube: Introducing the Sport for Peace & Social Justice Shortlist


Interview with David Evangelista and Gerald Mballe, Special Olympics (Worldwide) 

Interview with Taylor Smith, Free to Run (Afghanistan and Iraq)

Interview witih Doc Mabila and Piet Theron, Peace Parks Foundation (Mozambique, South Africa) 

Interview with Khusbu Oli, Shelter Ashraya Nepal (Nepal) 


Meet Elisa (Peace Parks Foundation)

Meet Hasina (Free to Run)

Meet Malaki (Special Olympics) 

Meet Santosh (Shelter Nepal)


Special Olympics: Using Sport to Change the Game for People Existing on the Margins of an Already Marginalized Population 

Free to Run: How Adventure Sports and Marathon Training are Empowering Women Disproportionaltely Affected by Conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan 

Peace Parks Foundation: How the HlawulaVutomi program is giving Southern African communities a voice, reducing conflict and encouraging people to protect wildlife and 'choose life'

Shelter Nepal: Using football in innovative ways to combat cultural and societal issues in Nepal

Past Beyond Sport Global Award Shortlisters and Winners share words of wisdom to this year’s Sport for Peace & Social Justice Shortlist 

 -Winner Reveal:

Annoucement by Sport for Health & Equality Advocate, Dr. Hajar Abulfazl and Human Rights Advocate, Maryam Shojaei 

Reaction from Taylor Smith, Executive Director of Free to Run


Some description
Backed by Comic Relief - a Beyond Sport Foundation partner since 2014 - and the BT Supporters Club, we will be investing in a group of organizations that are using sport to progress Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls and, in turn, advance society as a whole.

Supported by the grant funding and a comprehensive business support package, four organizations were selected to work together over one year, benefiting from each other’s individual expertise, sharing best practice and working through issues in real time to drive real, sustainable impact through sport.

- Youtube: Introducing the 2020 Sport For Gender Equality Collective Impact Award Winners


Introduction by Sports Anchor and Presenter, Motshidisi Mohono

Interview with Umra Omar, Pamoja Initiative (Kenya)

Interview with Paul Zulu, Sport-Aid Development Trust (Zambia)

Interview with Catherine "Coach Mina" Kabanyana, Soccer Without Borders (Uganda)

Interview with Dorcas Amakobe, Moving the Goalposts (Kenya) 


Promoting Gender Equality Through Sport - Meet the Winners


Some description
Together with The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation, we are bringing together a group of four community sport organizations across the United States to collaborate in finding the best ways to harness team sports to address racial inequities and support Black communities

Helping to shape the guidelines and guide the group, will be an Advisory Panel of subject-matter experts in addition to expert partners: RISE; Play Equity Fund, established by the LA84 Foundation; the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University; the Nascimento Foundation; and LISC. Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, along with providing additional funds, will also act as an expert partner and grant manager on the initiative.

Youtube: Introducing the 2020 Sport For Reduced Racial Inequalities Collective Impact Award Winners


Introduction by ESPN SportsCenter Anchor, Michael Eaves

Interview with Zach Gomes, America SCORES New York

Interview with Sally Nnamani, PeacePlayers

Interview with Shane Young, Memphis Inner City Rugby

Interview with Nichol Whiteman, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation 


Promoting Racial Equality Through Sport - Meet the Winners


Some description
Awarded to individuals who have shown dedication and courage in using sport to improve their communities. In the face of personal and societal adversity, the five young leaders are taking a stand against inequality and discrimination - and leading their communities to brighter futures. 

- Youtube: Introducing the 2020 Courageous Use of Sport Award Winners


Interview with Sediqa Rezaei (Australia) by WWE Superstar, Sasha Banks

Interview with Matheus Oliveira (Brazil) by WWE Superstar, Drew McIntyre 

Interview with Dickens Omondi (Kenya) by WWE Superstar, Nia Jax


Meet Shaymaa (Iraq)

Meet Yman (Philippines)


Meet the 2020 Courageous Use of Sport Award Winners


Some description


Nominations Open for the 2021 Billie Jean King Youth Leadership Award