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"Embrace this amazing opportunity"

Former Beyond Sport Global Award Winners and Shortlisters give words of wisdom and encouragement to this year’s Shortlist and reflect on why sport is such a powerful tool to address Global Goals

October 22, 2020

From October 12 to October 23, we are highlighting the stories and work of our 2020 Beyond Sport Global Awards Shortlisters who are using sport to ensure inclusive economic growth and productive work for all. Today, we hear from three former Beyond Sport Global Award Winners and Shortlisters who have been working hard to address Global Goals in their communities.

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Festus Juma, Executive Director, Society Empowerment Project

Society Empowerment Project (SEP) were 2016 Beyond Sport Global Awards Shortlisters in the Barclays Sport for Employability Award for their Sports & Agribusiness project. SEP uses football to engage youth, teach life skills and develop community leaders in Kenya. 

Words of wisdom for this year’s Shortlist: “It is an indication of good work to the community that you are shortlisted. Keep up the pace!”

Why is sport such a powerful tool in addressing the Global Goals?: “Sports has a natural affinity to attarct young people, hence use the channel as a way to disseminate key issues to the community.”


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Julia Shaw, Manta Sail Training Centre

MANTA Sail Training Centre were 2019 Beyond Sport Global Award Winners for the Sport for Climate Action Collective Impact Award supported by the Swedish Postcode Foundation. MANTA is Vietnam’s 1st (and only) official sailing school that promotes human and environmental health via watersports.

Words of wisdom for this year’s Shortlist: Congratulations! Embrace the amazing opportunity to collaborate and empower yourselves, your teams and organisations! Beyond Sport is limitless. 

Why is sport such a powerful tool in addressing Global Goals?:Because sport and the power of sport is open to all, at any level, in a wide range of environments. It can big up the health of individuals and communities with healthy habits, clean energy and zero waste. It can help bring together collaborative teams to raise awareness of the world's biggest problems, to help source solutions. It helps focus our bodies, minds and souls on relevant solutions. It helps our awareness to understand and balance the elements to help us navigate the alternative path.“

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Benjamin Chaura, Hockey Association of Malawi

The Hockey Association of Malawi were 2016 Beyond Sport Global Award Winners in the Sport for Social Inclusion Category. HAM is the National Governing body for hockey whose prime objective is to encourage, promote, develop and administer hockey at all levels without discrimination in any way whatsoever throughout Malawi.

Words of wisdom for this year’s Shortlist: “Being shortlisted is the same as recognizing the great work that one is doing and is an encouragement as well. I would like to congratulate those that have been shortlisted for making it there, this is no small achievement and they should be proud of themselves.”

Why is sport such a powerful tool in addressing Global Goals?: “Sport is the lifeline for many youth and it the youth that are always falling victims of the world biggest problems, so using sports is the shortest road to connect with the youth and others.”

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