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“Stay active, positive, and communicate consistently”

Former Beyond Sport Global Award Winners and Shortlisters give words of wisdom to this year’s Shortlist and reflect on why sport is such a powerful tool to address Global Goal 10: Reducing Inequalities

September 24, 2020

From September 15 to 25, we are highlighting the stories and work of our 2020 Beyond Sport Global Awards Shortlisters who are using sport to address marginalization, disadvantage and inequality head-on. Today, we hear from three former Beyond Sport Global Award Winners and Shortlisters who have been working hard to address this Global Goal in their communities.

Brian Suskiewicz, Chief Executive Strategist - Coaches Across Continents

Some descriptionCoaches Across Continents are multiple-time Beyond Sport Global Award Winners, notably winning Best New Project at our inaugural Awards in 2009 and Global Impact Award in 2019. They work with governments, corporations, foundations and community-based organizations to implement their Education Outside the Classroom programming and create lasting social change based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Words of wisdom for this year’s Shortlist: “Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Beyond Sport Awards, the most prestigious awards that celebrate how sport is being used to address the UN SDGs! Being recognized from a global pool of entries highlights how impressive your work is to enact change in your community.

Why is sport such a powerful tool in addressing Global 10?: “Sport is one of only a few things that transcends cultures (music and dance are other examples).  It allows for instantaneous joy, smiles and the breakdown of barriers.  This creates an opportunity.  When used purposefully, sport can be an effective and powerful force for social good to address the UN SDGs and tackle even the most serious of issues.”

Jaspreet Kaur, Sport for Development Manager - Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan

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Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan were Shortlisted in the Sport for Equality Category in the 2017 Beyond Sport Global Awards. They imagine an India where every child can fulfill her potential, is socially and economically empowered and leads a life of dignity and respect.

Words of wisdom for this year’s Shortlist: “I congratulate the organizations who are shortlisted. This give you a global platform to showcase your good work. This is a great achievement. We are proud of you!”

Why is sport such a powerful tool in addressing Global 10?:  “Because sport is the effective platform where all categories’ of people come from - different countries, communities, castes - and they share their ideas, problems and discuss and try to come up with many solutions. Through sports they bond strongly with all nations, enhance friendship and networking. It is intended to change deep seated attitudes, behaviours and practices. Changing these is not an overnight affair, but requires long term engagement with the target audience.”

“Sport acts as the magnet that draws the children and youth, giving a platform for continuous engagement. Repeated exposure to development messages is the bed rock of all behavioural change programmes. Also, it is very important in the developing stages of a child to get to know more about good body habits such as a good posture and regular loosening of the muscles.”

Andrew Rubinson, Director of Development - Urban Dove

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Urban Dove were 2019 Winners of the Sport for Reduced Inequalities Collective Impact Award, supported by The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation. Urban Dove uses the core values of Teamwork, Leadership and Communication to help at-risk youth in New York develop the critical life, job and academic skills they need to graduate high school, succeed in college and build careers. Serving over 500 high school students each year, they plan to grow to serve over 1,500 students in the next five years.

Words of wisdom for this year’s Shortlist: “Stay active, positive and communicate consistently and broadly with all of your stakeholders. Do your work well and the visibility and recognition will follow.”

Why is sport such a powerful tool in addressing Global 10?: “Everybody understands sport and most everyone participates. Most people like being part of teams. And sport is something that hugely involves youth and young people, a fact that everyone can connect with in a positive way”

Learn more about  this year’s Shortlist and follow their journeys at


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