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Michael Johnson

Stephanie Santoso

Muhammed Chaudhry

Nikole Collins-Puri


  • Welcome: Why We’re All Here

    Remarks from senior leadership from 49ers Foundation and Beyond Sport

     Kevin Carroll - Author, Innovator and Founder, Katalyst; MC of Beyond Innovation

     Joanne Pasternack - Vice President & Executive Director, 49ers Foundation, San Francisco 49ers

  • Insight: The Global Context

    An expert on the STEM agenda sets the scene

     Danielle Feinberg - ‎Director of Photography, Pixar Animation Studios

  • Panel Discussion: The Challenges

    A range of key stakeholders share what the issues in STEM education currently are

    Sharon Cohen - Founder & CEO, Figure Skating in Harlem
    Muhammed Chaudhry - President & CEO, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
    Rajesh Anandan - SVP, UNICEF Ventures; Co-creator, Kid Power
    Stephanie Santoso - Former Senior Advisor for Making, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

  • Break & Networking

  • Energy Boost

    Inspirational stories of how sport is supporting STEM education

     Al Williams - VP, San Joaquin Valley Business Unit, Chevron; Former Mississippi State Football player
  • Lunchtime Panel: Collaboration

    Perspectives from different sector leaders about how we can best partner to achieve education success through sport

    Facilitator: George Foster - Professor, Stanford University

     Eric Fitzgerald Reed - VP, Entertainment & Tech Policy, Verizon

     Jesse Lovejoy - Director of STEAM Education and the 49ers Museum, San Francisco 49ers

     Ira Frankel - SVP, EverFi Sports & Entertainment

     Nikole Collins-Puri - ‎CEO, Techbridge Girls

     Brian Jennings - Chief Branding Officer, NHL (TBC)

  • Lunch

  • Energy Boost

    Inspirational stories of how sport is supporting STEM education

     Mark Thompson - SVP Consulting, Two Circles

  • Practical Workshops: Zooming in on the Issues (Round 1)

    Sessions run by experts from a diverse range of backgrounds and specialities focus on the most relevant and pertinent topics in how sport can play a role in improving STEM education

    How to create games-based solutions to increasing STEM learning - Led by Learn Fresh & NBA Math Hoops

    How to create multi-sector coalitions to scale STEM mentoring - Led by US 2020

    How developments in sport tech is opening up an entirely new sector for the next generation and how we can maximize that opportunity - Led by thinkBeyond

    How to use soccer to bridge the STEM divide in a developing country - Led by Kick4Life

    How sports clubs can use their platform, influence, and resources to engage disenfranchised youth in STEM - Led by Chelsea Football Club Foundation

    How sports leagues are partnering with education entities to create cutting-edge learning opportunities in STEM - Led by the NHL

    How to create girl-centric and culturally responsive programs for recruiting and retaining girls in STEM - Led by Techbridge Girls

    How to create access to tech opportunities for underrepresented men and women - Led by #YesWeCode

    How the private sector can lead the way in supporting government education initiatives and programs - Led by HP

    How to ensure that STEM education isn't self-selective, and how we can use sport to do it - Led by 4th Family

  • Practical Workshops: Zooming in on the issues (Round 2)

  • Break & Networking

  • Energy Boost

    Inspirational stories of how sport is supporting STEM education

    • Mark Thompson - VP, SVP Consulting, Two Circles

  • Interactive Session: Understanding How It Works

    The 49ers STEM Leadership Institute gives the audience a chance to experience firsthand how sport can be used as a tool to increase STEM education
  • Solution-Focused Roundtables: Sphere of Influence

    Attendees will draw on their learnings from the practical session to focus on one key topic and contribute to recommendations and potential outcomes to help address STEM education issues through sport

     Facilitated by: OpenIDEO
     Table Facilitators: Beyond Innovation’s STEM Champions

  • STEM & Sport Alliance Launch: Commitments and What’s Next
     Moderated by: Ted Robinson - The Voice of the 49ers

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  • Drinks reception

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