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Discovery Education, NFL and AHA Inspire a Healthier Generation with NFL PLAY 60

Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, together with the National Football League and the American Heart Association, have collaborated to inspire physically active lifestyles in schools and homes across the country.

The NFL PLAY 60 Challenge Virtual Experience: Your Roadmap to a Healthy Heart, premiered on Tuesday, September 26, and provided students nationwide with the tools they need to get 60 minutes or more of physical activity needed each day. 

“Following the success of the NFL PLAY 60 Challenge Virtual Field Trip at the Super Bowl LI in February, we were excited to team again with the American Heart Association and Discovery Education to teach more students the importance of getting physically active,” said NFL Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility, Anna Isaacson.

“As we celebrate ten years of NFL PLAY 60, we look forward to advancing progress and building healthier generations of youth through fun and innovative platforms such as the Virtual Experience.”

The virtual experience allowed students to get up and get moving with Minnesota Vikings players Everson Griffin and Kyle Rudolph, and AHA volunteer and cardiologist Dr. Courtney Baechler.

NFL PLAY 60 Challenge Virtual Experience hosts taught students how the heart works and how physical activity helps to keep it strong. During theimmersive virtual experience, students learned exciting new facts while having fun and getting physically active with NFL players.

AHA volunteer and cardiologist Dr. Courtney Baechler said “I’m so honored to be a part of this project with the American Heart Association, the NFL, and Discovery Education. Empowering kids with this knowledge and teaching healthy habits early is a great first step to leading a long, heart healthy life.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Discovery Education Lori McFarling said, “Discovery Education is proud to team up with the American Heart Association and the National Football League to inspire student’s health and wellbeing in schools and homes nationwide,” “The NFL PLAY 60 Challenge Virtual Experience provides educators and students with a fitness-focused immersive experience that empowers them with the tools they need to succeed.”




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