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Fight with Insight (FWI) has developed a holistic health programme including mental health promotion (specifically addressing Target 3.4 of SDG 3), in the form of a boxing and life gym, situated in an area of high need and limited access to resources and mental health services – Hillbrow, Johannesburg. The gym has created a community of care, whereby physical and mental health needs are addressed, promoting children’s capacity to resist the default position of the Inner City - drugs, crime and gangsterism. This active resistance and change in inner resources promotes children’s agency to recognise and make changes in themselves, their peers, the community of the gym, and its indirect beneficiaries, such as families, schools etc.

Our programme ascribes to the International Classification of Functioning, which is based on the premise that participation in society should be encouraged regardless of ability, because participation ultimately promotes functioning. FWI’s programme recognizes the ability for agency in children, regardless of whether they are suffering from a mental health crisis, or not. Children do not need to be defined by the label that brought them to care.

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