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The Beyond Sport Effect is the direct and indirect impacts that Beyond Sport and the Beyond Sport Foundation have around the world.


Some description

The Direct Effect is used to describe outputs and impacts that Beyond Sport and the Beyond Sport Foundation have been primarily responsible for – they could not have happened without resources and direct involvement.


The Indirect Effect is used to describe outputs and impacts that Beyond Sport and the Beyond Sport Foundation has been instrumental in, but have also required significant collaboration from partners and other groups.


Year-round impact is delivered through:


Business Support and Funding

Once Award Winners and Shortlisted Projects have been announced and celebrated during a Beyond Sport Event, they are linked with the Beyond Sport Foundation who will work closely with each organisation to deliver a tailored package of capacity-building business support and funding. This will come from a range of partners, as well as from the Beyond Sport Team and the panel of experts who advise Beyond Sport.


Support is made available year-round and is not limited to a one year cycle. Once an organisation has been Shortlisted for an Award, or has gone on to win an Award, they are entitled to on-going and indefinite support from Beyond Sport and its network.


Over the last decade, we have supported 300+ organizations worldwide, providing $1.5M+ in funds, and distributing $8 million+ in long-term strategic support through Beyond Sport's world renowned Global Awards



The Beyond Sport Summit and Awards is the pinnacle of the Beyond Sport year. It convenes sport for development practitioners with corporations, foundations, governing bodies, federations, professional athletes, sport teams and other experts to create a living network of groups and individuals that are either using, or have the potential to use, sport to overcome challenges faced by communities across the world.


It is here that the annual Beyond Sport Awards take place – celebrating the leading examples of how sport can be used to address a range of social issues.


Beyond Sport also delivers a range of other events by convening special interest groups. These events may be run during the main Beyond Sport Summit and Awards or may take place at other points throughout the year. Previous events have included Beyond London 2012, Beyond Sport United, Beyond Football, Beyond Rugby, Cricket for Good and the Sport for Development Investors Working Group. Some of these events will also include an Awards element.


Throughout each event, key themes are identified that require a more intensive focus from the world of sport for development – for example use of sport to enhance girls’ education, child protection, sport’s role in urban communities. Beyond Sport convenes groups of experts to create momentum, constructive debate and ideas that can be progressed throughout the year.


Connecting and Collaborating

As an umbrella for the sport for development movement, Beyond Sport is well placed to make connections and encourage collaboration – across sectors, across countries, across sports and across social issues.


Beyond Sport makes at least one personal connection a day and also gives organisations the opportunity to make their own connections through its interactive forum – Beyond Sport World which currently has nearly 2,000 members.



A small but important area of activity. Beyond Sport gets involved in research projects where a multi-sector, multi-stakeholder approach is essential. 


International Safeguards for Children in Sport

Children have the right to participate in sport in a safe and enjoyable environment. Unfortunately, we know that this is not always the case. International Safeguards for Children in Sport was launched at the Beyond Sport Summit in Johannesburg in October 2014. It details eight safeguards that should be put in place by any organisation working with children in sport.


These safeguards are already being piloted by organisations all over the world and are set to be adopted more widely.


They reflect international declarations, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, relevant legislation, government guidance, existing child protection and safeguarding standards, and good practice.


The 8 safeguards are:

    1. Developing your policy
    2. Procedures for responding to safeguarding concerns
    3. Advice and support
    4. Minimising risks to children
    5. Guidelines for behaviour
    6. Recruiting, training and communicating
    7. Working with partners
    8. Monitoring and evaluating

Download the International Safeguards for Children in Sport here

Download the International Safeguards for Organisations working with Children here.