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The World of Sport Comes Together For #IDSDP2020

April 10, 2020 

On April 6, organizations across the world came together yet again to recognize the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP). With a focus this year on keeping people active while staying at home, campaigns varied but all use sport to give courage and hope for the future. Here are just a few of the inspiring ways that the sport for development community celebrated #IDSDP2020.

#BeActive Campaign from the UN, WHO and FIFA  

Due to the measures imposed by countries around the world to combat COVID19, the United Nations (UN) along with the World Health Organization (WHO) re-launched the #BeActive Campaign to help people stay fit while properly isolating. It includes ways for everyone to be active, stay healthy and demonstrate solidarity during this period of physical and social distancing, using IDSDP as a perfect moment to demonstrate unity and team spirit. 

The #BeActive Campaign encourages people to try at least one of the following ways to get fit at home: online exercise classes, dancing, playing active video games, jumping rope, or practicing muscle strength and balance training. 

FIFA joined the campaign, enlisting some of the world’s biggest clubs, including Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and more, to ask fans to come together to be active and beat the virus. 

“FIFA is delighted to support both the United Nations and the World Health Organization in amplifying the #BeActive campaign today...For the first time ever, we are all on the same team and together, with team spirit and positive energy, we will win,” said President Gianni Infantino

As part of the campaign, world-famous players shared the following message: “At this time, even rivals need to stick together. We have to keep our distance, but we do not lose our focus. We can show solidarity by being active, and active means following the guidelines from the WHO.” 


Policy agenda on sport, development and peace from FSDP 

The Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace (FSDP) launched its first International and National Policy Agenda on Sport, Development and Peace. The foundation, a South African non-profit organization, released the policy agenda as an invitation to stakeholders to consider important policy priorities in these challenging times. It looks to stimulate global debate on important issues in the field, especially in these times when alternative options, creativity and social cohesion are much needed.

The agenda recognizes the current challenges caused by the COVID-19 global health crisis and includes opportunities to offer active support to the well-being of communities in lockdown. It will be published monthly and the FSDP is encouraging other like-minded NGOs in other countries and regions to develop similar policy agendas of their priorities. 

#LeftHandIn Campaign from Peace Players International 

Beyond Sport Global Award Winners, Peace Players International celebrated IDSDP by helping its participants and supporters stay active and connected. They launched their #LeftHandIn campaign throughout the day to encourage connection and show unity in a team through photo and video, while also hosting live home workouts. With each post, story, retweet, and share, the virtual “hands-in” grew.

Online Sport for Development Resources from United Play International 

United Play International launched a website designed to offer free sport for development resources to coaches, teachers and community activists around the world. The site also raises awareness for creative solutions and sporting opportunities for all people.   

#WhiteCard Campaign from Peace and Sport 

The annual #WhiteCard digital campaign from Peace and Sport encourages people to take photos while holding a white card to symbolize their commitment for peace through sport, and to share them online. With a nod to the yellow and the red cards in the sporting world, the #WhiteCard is intended to create positive change rather than to punish. This year’s campaign focused on “Behind each #WhiteCard, there is a story”, highlighting individuals who have been positively impacted by sport. 

Nasreen, a Kickboxing coach in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan for the Live Together Program said: “When I got to the camp, I saw that there were free kickboxing courses. So, I enrolled to develop my skills. Today, I want to ensure that more girls have access to physical education and to delete negative stereotypes through the #Whitecard.”  

We launched our annual Beyond Sport Global Awards in celebration of International Day of Sport for Development and Peace! Entries are open through May 27, 2020 midnight ET.  Enter today and help spread the word! 


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