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AI-Generated "Hope Sogni" Campaigns for FIFA Presidency

December 8, 2023 

An artificial intellgence (AI)-generated candidate has launched a hypothetical campaign to become the 10th - and first woman president - of FIFA. Modeled on real players and women working in football, she is challenging current president Gianni Infantino and a history of gender inequality in the sport's governance. The hypothetical candidate, Hope Sogni, was created by sports agency Dark Horses with AI company Twise and Lewes FC CEO Maggie Murphy as a symbolic representation of the many women and girls who are passionate about football and a more equitable future. 

She is promoting how football could be run differently towards a more inclusive and progressive future for the sport. Infantino and FIFA have faced criticism over his actions, and inequities and human rights abuses in the sport since he took the role in 2016. He was re-elected unnopposed in March for another four-year term and is eligible to stand again in 2027, meaning he could theoretically remain in the position until 2031.

As noted in The Guardian, "Sogni is a tool to promote the fact that women in positions of power in football should not be an alien concept and that plenty of women in the game are more than qualified for governance roles at every level. She also exists as the voice of this calibre of women in the game, built to represent their collective outlook and able to put, without fear of retribution, an alternative view to that established by Fifa."

The AI can be spoken to in real-time and fully understands the key issues and politics of the game. She has set out a manifesto focused on several key areas including: 

  • Human Rights: Sogni has spoken out against the awarding of the 2034 World Cup to Saudi Arabia, citing the country’s poor human rights record. As a strong advocate for human rights, she believes that FIFA should use its platform to promote social justice and inclusion. 
  • Gender Equality: Sogni is committed to achieving gender equality in all aspects of football, from playing to coaching to governance. She believes that women should have equal opportunities to participate in the sport at all levels. 
  • Sustainability: Sogni has proposed several initiatives to reduce the sport’s carbon footprint, such as investing in renewable energy and promoting public transportation. She is committed to making football more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 


“FIFA should strive for fairness and equity in funding men’s and women’s football. It is important to invest in both, but also to address the historical disparities and underinvestment in women’s football. This may require a weighted approach that prioritizes the development and growth of women’s football, while still ensuring adequate support for men’s football. The goal is to create a more balanced and inclusive landscape for the sport,” said Sogni, as quoted by The Guardian.

Sogni has been built to be a collective and anonymous voice of women in football. She was created from the voices and experiences of influential women in the game, including Moya Dodd, the former vice-captain of Australia and one of the first women to join the FIFA Council. Her purpose is to challenge conventional thought over the fact that women in positions of power in sport should be the norm and promote greater transparency and accountability within FIFA. 

The governing body has sparked controversy over the years with its stance on human rights, sustainability and gender equality. Men and women players still have a huge disparity in pay. Women's representation in the sports decision-making is limited, with only eight (22%) out of 37 FIFA Council members including Infantino being women. People have campaigned and called for 30% of women’s representation at the top of the game but Sogni argues this should be higher. 

Additionally, FIFA has been among controversy surrounding human rights, with tournaments being held in countries criticized for their human rights procedures. This also involves inclusion, where the decision by FIFA to prohibit the rainbow OneLove armband in Qatar caused an uproar from LGBTQ+ advocates and athletes. 

Maggie Murphy – an advocate for opportunity, equality and respect for women and girls in football – was a speaker at Beyond Soccer in 2021.  

Source: The Guardian 


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