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More about Tanzania Street Children Sports Academy (TSC Sports Academy)

TSC Sports Academy is seeking to address the problems of Children and Young People living on the Streets in Mwanza. Our mission statement is in the heart of our work, “ we work to reduce the number of children living on the street and build a better relationship between street children, their families, relatives and their community.”
In 2011 - 2012 our parent organisation COET together with our funding partner Railway Children - UK launched a research to find out how many children and young people work or live on the city's streets in order to understand the full scale of the problem and how best to provide support. We found a total of 1,888 children and young people living and/or working on the streets of Mwanza (RC, 2012).

We use football as a both preventative measure and a support base for children before they feel the need to take to the street and as a way of reaching out, building relationships with children currently living and working on the street. Our vision is to implement sustainable developmental initiatives, empowering all within communities to uphold children’s rights through the use of sports. Our slogan “I am somebody.”

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