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Dr. Mae Jemison

Tobie Hatfield

Eric Reed

Nikole Collins-Puri


  • Should you be attending the Beyond Innovation conference on Day 2 and are interested in observing a live Hackathon hosted by the 49ers Foundation on Day 1, please contact: [email protected]

  • Welcome & Why We’re Here

    Jesse Lovejoy - Event MC; Director, 49ers EDU & 49ers Museum; Managing Partner, EDU Academy

  • Opening Keynote: Why we should all “Look Up”

    - Dr. Mae Jemison - First African American Woman in Space; Founder & President, the Jemison Group

  • The State of our Society: Cautions, Hopes, and Opportunities

    Talk 1: Tech

    - Nikole Collins-Puri - CEO, Techbridge Girls

    Talk 2: Education

    - Kathleen Tullie - Director of Social Responsibility, Reebok International; Founder & Executive Director, BOKS

  • Sport’s Response: How the sector is playing a role in these issues

    Facilitated by: Nick Keller - Founder & President, Beyond Sport

    -       Catherine Aker - VP, Communications & Community, Oakland Athletics

    -       Britton Banowsky - Executive Director, College Football Playoff Foundation

    -       Robin Bourne-Taylor - CEO, Right To Dream

    -       Tobie Hatfield - Senior Director of Athlete Innovation, Nike

  • Break

  • The State of our Digital World: Cutting-edge developments in sport and tech

    Facilitated by: Alex Coulson - Executive Director, Sport Industry Group

    Talk 1: Digital Platforms

    - Daniel Pheysey - Principal, YouTube Impact Lab, YouTube

    Talk 2: Virtual Reality

    - Mary Beth French - National Trainer, Samsung

  • Education’s Response: How we’re utilizing these innovations

    Ira Frankel - SVP, Global Sports & Entertainment, EverFi

    Tami Hay - Director, Peace Education - Peres Center for Peace

    Katy Scott - Digital Learning Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • Lunch

  • The Lunchtime Interview: A conversation on what sport can learn from the Marvel Universe – on and off the screen

    - Angela Woods - Senior Director, Corporate Citizenship, ESPN

    - Danielle Costa - VP, Visual Effects, Marvel Studios

  • Innovative Partnerships: The importance of private-public partnerships to create a successful STEM and sport program

    - Justin Prettyman - Executive Director, San Francisco 49ers Foundation

    - Eric Reed - Vice President, Entertainment & Tech Policy, Verizon

  • Bringing it to Life: Experiencing a successful sport and STEM program in real time

    Delegates split into 3 groups and take part in hands-on session in the 49ers EDU program.

  • Deep-dive discussions: Exploring the opportunities and identifying potential solutions through sports

    Delegates choose a STEM topic that has been focused on during the day to discuss in more detail

  • Break

  • Taking Action

    • Deep-dive discussion feedback: Ideas and solutions – Discussion facilitators

    • Groundbreaking Research: Recommendations – Jason Chung - Senior Research Scholar, NYU School of Professional Studies; Tobie Langsam - Junior Research Scholar, NYU School of Professional Studies

    • Action since last year: Sport & STEM Alliance case study – Matt Mead - Head of Education, Chelsea FC Foundation

    • Call for Commitments – Jesse Lovejoy – Event MC; Director, STEAM Education & San Francisco 49ers Museum

  • Close & Reception

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