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10th Anniversary Spotlight: Memories from our Network

We asked for 10th anniversary memories, and all month the Beyond Sport family has been delivering! With less than a month until the Beyond Sport United Conference and Global Awards, our latest moments come from friends and partners working in child protection, sustainability, impact and inclusion.

Read on and then share your favorite Beyond Sport moments with the family using #BeyondSport10. We hope to see you next month in New York to celebrate! 


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Sports Programmes Specialist, UNICEF UK

Beyond Sport really is a family – you might not speak every day, you might not catch up every week, you might only see each other once a year – but when you do meet, there is something that unites you - the potential to make a difference together.

My most inspiring memory was the launch of the ‘International Safeguards for Children in Sport’ in Johannesburg in 2014. To see an initiative that had started at Beyond Sport in London in 2012, involving the input of so many of the Beyond Sport family, come to life in South Africa, marked a key moment.

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It speaks to what can be achieved by bringing people together to make a difference. The International Safeguards are now informing practice across the world and helping make sure every child is safe in sport.

To me, going beyond sport represents a global sports movement, united for change


Founder & CEO, Bristlecone Strategies, Sustainability Consulting
Beyond Sport Advisory Panel

I was thrilled to join the Beyond Sport family nearly 10 years ago, and it was an honor to be asked to join the Beyond Sport Advisory Panel. There are many memories I can share from so many great events, panel discussions and gatherings! I remember being overwhelmed during the Awards event in Chicago years ago at just how many amazing sport for social change projects were happening all over the world.

I was inspired by those who founded the various projects, as I know it is extremely difficult work. There are so many passionate people driven to succeed in the Beyond Sport Network - this passion and inspiration is contagious. Seeing the thrill on the faces of the Global Awards winners can bring you to tears, as you can visibly see how proud they are that their idea, dedication and hard work is being recognized and honored.

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Businesses have a responsibility to engage with young people around social and environmental issues, and should do so with authenticity and transparency. Businesses can share their challenges, and enable and inspire meaningful conversation among those most impacted by their activities. They can raise awareness about complex issues and encourage and incentivize innovative solutions, such as through design challenges. Young people want to be heard and listened to, and business would be wise to develop a strong and open relationship with young people to elicit their ideas and talent.

To me, going beyond sport means inspiring positive social change through the powerful tool of sport, to unite people and communities around the world.


Head of Operations, UPSHOT

Being part of the Beyond Sport family has given us the chance to expand our own network, learn from the good stuff the sector is doing and constantly keep improving so we can provide real value to those organisations that need us in the space of monitoring and evaluation.

Upshot (an online management system developed by UK sports charity, the Football Foundation) has been a business support partner of the Beyond Sport Foundation and Awards for a few years now and we are immensely proud of the small role we play in helping these incredible organisations show the impact of the work they do.

For us, going beyond sport is unleashing the real potential of sport to change lives and communities.


Senior Development Manager for Inclusion, Saracens

One of my favourite moments touches on the overall values of sport. It was during a touch (minimal contact) rugby festival at HM Prison Feltham YOI. Our participants in Feltham run a corporate touch tournament as part of the programme and on this occasion one of our young men was refereeing a game between Allianz (Saracens sponsors) and a Saracens Ltd team. The game was getting very competitive and at one stage the Saracens CEO at the time turned around to question the ref’s decision. Rather than being put back by the challenge the referee turned to the CEO and told him that speaking to the referee like this was not part of the values of rugby and asked him to sub himself off. A few minutes later the referee ran over to the touch line and allowed the CEO to sub himself back on as long as he played by the values of the game.

I think the impact that businesses play in instilling hope in the minds of young people is really important. The next generation is much more aware of the challenges of the environment, poverty, job opportunities etc. and this can be quite a bleak picture. It can be truly inspiring to see companies addressing these issues as part of their day to day approach to their work - rather than as a side thought. As young people enter the business world, a socially minded organisation can instil a real sense of pride in young employees.

No matter what the setting, sport can provide a platform that creates opportunities for engagement and inspiration. Not just by competing competitively, but the shared experience of watching sport, the belonging of being part of a team or following a team, the confidence that can be gained and the bonds that can grow between people in a sport setting can be unique.

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Sport is powerful as it can empower individuals to create change in their own lives. It can give people the self-confidence and life skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives and it can inspire others to follow suit. If nothing else, sport can catch the attention of communities, cities, nations and the world and from that platform it can unite people and raise the awareness around the opportunity to address big societal challenges.

To me, going beyond sport means using sport to leave a legacy of positive change.

From September 12 – 13 the Beyond Sport network is gathering in New York for the 2018 Beyond Sport United Conference and Global Awards. Join leaders and change-makers from around the world to explore how sport is being used to create positive social change in communities across the globe – and to celebrate organizations that are using sport to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals a reality. Tickets are going fast – make sure to get yours today


10th Anniversary Spotlight: Leagues & teams share on engaging with youth